Over the past 7 years, ECO-AGRIC UGANDA has had the pleasure to work with more than 90 volunteers from Uganda and abroad, including Brasil, Catalonia, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Kosovo, the Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States. We have been relying on their determination and their skills for a variety of tasks, from helping us at the office, to assist our field officers in our programs, to teaching, to setting up agricultural technology, water systems and eco-buildings. Each and every one of them has contributed within their own vision and capabilities, and we strongly believe that any volunteer who comes to us has something useful to share, depending on their individual background, experience, and education. We cannot thank them enough for their role in our project. Every volunteer at ECO-AGRIC UGANDA has their own story; you can discover some of them below. What will your story be?


Avni Rudaku, Kosovo.

Introduced new learning and listening skills through poultry exhibitions. Participated in children mapping exercise in Buhimba and Buhanika sub-counties.


Simon Prieto, Spain.

He used football to form 5 Youth Groupsin Buhimba, Buhanika and Kiziranfumbi subcounties. He conducted sports activities in OVC schools like St.Thereza Kaigo, Kitonya Model and Ngogoma P/S. Lobbying sports attire for orphanage schools.


Ana Carolina Pont and  Carlos Eduardo Araugo, Brazil.

Introduced a new Eco-House construction method of using soil and sacks.


Natasha Aberle and Alexandru Antonovici, Germany and Italy.

Trained youth groups baking skills as income-generating activities.


Thomas Derr, United States.

Introduced sustainable technologies e.g. water harvesting, making organic manure. Worked with communities as regards saving and lending. Facilitated making of reusable sanitary pads. He helped with the construction of shallow wells and springs in Kihuuga Village, Kiziranfumbi Subcounty.


Eduardo Oliva and Marta Perez, Spain.

Compiled a Video that entailed all SOCY and OVC activities.


Daniel Helvy, Israel.

Introduced and taught youths construction of Eco-friendly mud houses. Built the very first cottage for volunteers using grass and soil mould.


Gina Bosch, Catalonia.

Assisted in pharmacy departments of various health facilities. Promoted health education in primary and secondary schools. Participated in construction at the volunteers’ residence.


Bobby Arjomand, United Kingdom.

Participated in construction at the volunteers’ residence. Helped with fundraising activities.


Anabela Vargic, Germany, and Delilah Rosebraugh, United States.

Set up new demonstration gardens on the site.


Willemijn van der Meer, Netherlands.

Trained beneficiaries on making bead bags as an income-generating activity.


Chiara Canzutti, Italy.

Assisted in forming groups of HIV-positive people for saving and HIV counselling.

Here is the complete list of our past volunteers

Marta Perez MilenaFemale25SpainCommunication and Social Media Degree
Edvard OlivaMale22SpainAdvertising and Public Relations Degree
Avni RudakuMale32KosovoSociology PhD and BA. Of Psychology
Alex AntonoviaMale30ItalyTouristic Operator
Natascha AberleFemale25GermanyHotel Specialist
Ana Carolina PontFemale35BrazilMaster in Conservation and Environment
Cazvos Eduardo ArdupMale38BrazilMechanical Technician
Gina BoschFemale23SpainPharmacy Degree
Bobby ArjomandMale28United KingdomBA. (Honours) Accounting and Finance
Anabela VargicFemale28CroatiaRestaurant/Hotel Industry
Willemyn van der MeerFemale28HollandChild Education Studies
Clancy SmithFemale32AustraliaArt Therapy Degree
Tedros AbebeMale30EthiopiaEducation of the world
Chiara CanzuttiFemale26ItalyEconomics Degree
Raymond Chase KabischMale25USAInternational Business Degree
Carmen AlaminosFemale27SpainMaster of International Co-operation and Sociology
Larissa Lwio Dos SamtosFemale31BrazilTravel and Tourism Management
Keenan SetoMale24USABA. Environmental Science and Economics
Alena KondiurinaFemale27RussiaBA. Finance and Master od International Economics
Daniela SchniderFemale26SwitzerlandSchool for Hairdressers
Conrad MarjorieFemale37FranceBA. Movie editing/Special effects/Technical Drafting
Isobel LambFemale22EnglandPrimary and Secondary Education
Alex ErweeMale23EnglandBA. Philosophy and History
Maya YoshinakaFemale23DenmarkBA. Social Science
Dennis MerondesMale19AustraliaHigh School Completion
Levin MikusMale19GermanyHigh School Completion
Marisa JurczykFemale20USABA. Event Organisation
Karin OsterbergFemale20SwedenFirst Year Medicine
Meike HoppeFemale22GermanyBA. Social Science
Christoph HutterMale28GermanyMaster of Public Health
Eva PeppelmanFemale22NetherlandsBA. International Relations, Master of Development Economics
Nuria KlockenbringFemale30FranceMaster of Chemistry
Aurelien FeneuilMale32FranceMaster of Chemistry
Zea GyarimatiFemale24HungaryBA. Marketing and BA. Psychology
Cecilia ZhouFemale22CanadaBA. Philosophy and Communication
Victoria KravetsFemale21USABA. Biomedical Engineering
Eloi Esparraguera EspunaMale21SpainVetinary Student
Deborah RobinsonFemale47AustraliaAdministration/Teaching
Jan VobornikMale27Czech RepublicMathematics
Katarina StrnkovaFemale27SlovakiaBA. Economics
Eva SedivaFemale27Czech RepublicDoctor
Petr SedivaMale28Czech RepublicBA. Economics
Desideria BeniniFemale21ItalyLanguages and Politics
Tom ReidMale27AustraliaEconomics and Finance
Johannes Bolt + Frieda + JuliaGermanyTravelling
Noelle PotinFemale26ChileLawyer
Lorraine StutesFemale36BrazilLogistics Management
Ola JackFemale30PolandMasters Degree
MathewMale28United KingdomUniversity
MarieFemale23FranceMaster of Art
Tomoya SugiyamaMale24JapanHigh School Completion
Marina TakhashiFemale22JapanUniversity Student
Emanuel MaygagaMale31UgandaCertificate in Electrical Engineering
Ben Van NesMale62United KingdomUniversity Completion
Sarah MeerholzFemale35USABA. Physical Therapy
Tim MeerholzMale34USAMasters in Health Administration
Sophia GoddeFemale19GermanyHigh School Completion
Rebekah ElliottFemale25USABA. Degree
Yasmin RandallFemale59AustriaPsychotherapist
Michaela SchwindFemale55AustriaMaster of Science in Dementia
Amy TroccazFemale23FranceNursing Studies
Mirjam BoutFemale20NetherlandsSocial Work
Pierre TourneboeufMale26FranceEngineering
Johanna Juul PetersonFemale19Denmark
Kate FlanagenFemale22United KingdomBA. History
Naja S.WintherFemale23DenmarkMedical Student
Diego VillarejoMale19Spain
Melissa Van HoutsFemale21Netherlands
Faiz BaqaiMale23USABiomedical Engineering
Marie Mimielle-DebatFemale24FranceMaster of Art
Zoe Mimielle-DebatFemale27FranceBusiness School
Jordan SteeleMale19United KingdomBusiness
Emilie ScrensenFemale27DenmarkSocial Worker
Ioannis PapaioannouMale22CyprusEngineering Student
Lika da CruzFemale23DenmarkSociology/Education Studies
Cnara RobertsFemale34The BahamasHospitality
Teagan SharrockFemale19CanadaHigh School Diploma
Mona StroherFemale18FranceStudent
Sophia RaineriFemale20ItalySociology and Cinema Student
Juliana CardonaFemale25ColombiaBachelor
Marta ManejaFemale20SpainBA. Business
Linda ter BraahFemale35NetherlandsPhysical Therapist, Master of Human Movement
Carsten KrumdiekMale37GermanyTeacher of Health and Language
Vanessa NicolaidisFemale25USAPhysiotherapist/Nurse
Chelsea JonesFemale22AustraliaBA. Medical Science, beginning Master of Global Health
Robin MoultonMale25USABusiness
Stefan HanuskaMaleGermanyConsultant
Cooper DickensonMaleUSA
Ben RidierMaleEnglandNutritionalist
Pablo SchmitowMaleSpainVideography
Paolo BerrinoMale42Italy
Michelle FriedrichFemale28GermanyLogistics Management
Martina MazzantiFemale30ItalyMathematics
Danielle GosselinFemale33USAMusic and theatre