Sustainable farming

Demonstration on composite making

Eco- Agric Uganda conducts trainings in sustainable farming where Caregivers, Farmers are trained about key principles of organic farming understanding and managing biological processes to regulate balance, flow, and timing of nutrient levels and availability; achieve pest-predator balance; and maintain healthy and productive crops. Agro forestry practices like frost buffers, windbreaks, alley cropping & forest farming were conducted.

Through demonstrations, they are always trained about the different energy saving technologies like use of water purifying buckets and constructing energy cooking stoves. Demonstrations on energy saving cook stoves, Briquette making plus demonstrations on rain runoff harvesting are practiced by our beneficiaries. Water purifying buckets are also given to the beneficiaries to ensure that they take safe and purified during water to a void water related diseases. These are normally given to the most critically vulnerable households.

Eco-Agric trains community members on sustainable agricultural production, in which the people are given technical knowledge on sustainable farming. Improved agricultural practices/methods are also taught to the people so as to increase on their yields.

With Support from Vibrant Village Foundation and Marr-Munning Trust, Eco-Agric is training women of 300 women in kitukutwe and180 women in Gombe respectively on sustainable vegetable and mushroom production and poultry rearing (mixed Farming) in which women are taught new technologies of farming in limited space. The technologies taught include: how to make mandala gardens, sack mounds, kitchen gardens and also artificial irrigation systems like bottle irrigation and tapping water into ditches for irrigation. Under mushroom production, Eco-Agric trains women on how they can use limited/local resources to grow mushrooms and earn a living.

In 2014 with support from UNDP/WWF, Eco-Agric was able to train people in Gombe Sub County improved agriculture production method like planting beans and maize in line plus also encouraging the farmers to practice inter cropping.

Also Eco-Agric promotes sustainable organic farming whereby it trains community members on how to make liquid manure as a fertilizer for plants and plant tea acting as a pesticide and also encourages crop rotation and mulching that helps in protecting and conserving the soil.