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OVC Success story

Ayesiga Moreen 16 year old girl a resident of Kacungiro village, Kinogozi parish Buhimba sub-county living with her mother and her siblings is happy today after Eco-Agric Uganda enrolled her for vocational studies. She is an orphan, primary six drop out and has been struggling with her mother for long since the death of her father. The mother is weak and needy and could not support the family. The family was vulnerable to the extent that they would most times go without food and the children were malnourished, had poor beddings and clothing. The family members were engaged in nutrition trainings as well as Village Savings and Loans Association where they were encouraged to grow vegetables to improve on their nutrition and it was emphasized that there was need for them to start small income generating activities.

In the process to improve the livelihoods of the OVCs, she was trained in hair dressing and styling where she has gained skills and was able to start her own salon. During her training she was offered bean seeds which she grew and earned good money worth USh. 300.000=.
After gaining skills in hair dressing, she was retained by her trainer who would pay her some wages. She used to save these wages and topped up to the money accrued from the sale of beans and she was able to pay rent and buy some materials to start up her salon.

When Moreen got start up kits from Eco-Agric Uganda, she opened up her own saloon. She is now happy because she is saving USh 20.000= per day which has enabled her support her mother and siblings. This was witnessed by their ability to have 2-3 meals a day, with good beddings and enough clothes. With the entrepreneurship skills gained, the mother has the potential to raise money and do continuous saving.

Date of Posting: 06 February 2017
Posted By: Ayesiga Moreen

Community empowerment results realized in Kihigwa village (GAPP)

The community members of Kihigwa-Kiziranfumbi Sub County have been with poor water supply as a result of faulty water sources. They had complained, but with no response in councils at the sub county and this was witnessed by Kidoma parish chief and councilors who used to lobby. With the coming of GAPP in the area, the community monitors discovered that they had got audience with leadership to tell them about the problem.

The process started with an advocacy meeting with community members and community monitors where matters concerning water sources were raised. After this meeting mobilization was done to have all the community members in a meeting so that the water problem being faced in the area could be addressed. This was done by the community monitors. During the meeting, the areas of concern were highlighted and prioritization was done. The sectors prioritized were water and sanitation, environment, agriculture, and health. As prioritization was done, with community monitors and local leaders, water sources came as number one. The faulty water sources were listed and those which needed immediate attention were identified.

An action plan on how to rehabilitate the faulty water sources was drawn. The community monitors wrote a letter to the sub county chief requesting him to inform the sub county pump mechanic to come and inspect the faulty water sources. The chief responded positively and the mechanic came and assessed all the listed water sources. He also came up with a report of all the requirements. The report entailed one spring and three shallow wells that needed immediate attention.
During the meeting, election of water source committees was done. Four committees were elected. Community sensitization on communal work and soliciting of funds to work upon the designated water sources was done. It was agreed that the parish chief should be involved in mobilizing the community members to solicit for funds.

Training of water source committees to strengthen their roles towards protection of the rehabilitated water sources was conducted by parish chief.
Community contribution toward rehabilitation was both in cash and kind. This was in form of bush clearing, getting stones and labour. All this has been attributed to community empowerment by the GAPP through lobbying and advocacy

With the available funds, rehabilitation of the spring wells and boreholes will be done in January 2017 as agreed by the community members.
As narrated by Garubanda Morvard Kidoma parish Kiziranfumbi sub county

Date of Posting: 06 February 2017
Posted By: Garubanda Morvard Kidoma

Quotes from QSA participants

I Businge Monica a resident of Itara village and a beneficiary of QSA project am happy and appreciate the project so much for the far they have brought me. I had been struggling to make some money to save for domestic use and finding time to interact with my friends and learning business skills. But, with the coming of QSA project, I have been able to get banana combs which enabled me raise a plantation. I was able to plant beans under technical guidance and sold the produce to get money which improved on my savings. The project has improved my well being with the aid of bucket irrigation which has made it easy to produce the vegetables throughout the year. In the due course I gained skills in vegetable growing where I was able to plant a 20mx20m garden of tomatoes with the seedlings provided by the project. Planting was done under the guidance of a technical staff from Eco Agric. Uganda. These have fetched me a lot of money because I am now able to earn Sh 20.000= a week ($6). These vegetables (short egg plants and night shade) have not only empowered me economically but also improved on my food security and nutrition. This has been due to the trainings which were organised and I was always there. This sustainable production has given me hope that there will be a positive change in my life and am aiming for higher horizons.

Furthermore, I have been saving money in our saving group and am still saving because it has improved my social life. Above all, I have been blessed to host the QSA donor at my home which has really shown that I am highly recognized by the group, Eco-Agric. Uganda and QSA.

Date of Posting: 06 February 2017
Posted By: Businge Monica